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What is the New Cyber Advisor Scheme?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The Cyber Advisor Scheme is a collaboration between the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and IASME to ensure that organisations providing Cyber Essentials consultancy and support meet certain standards of expertise and trustworthiness.

The primary focus of Cyber Advisors is to assist organisations in implementing the five Cyber Essentials Technical Controls. This particular service is referred to as Cyber Advisor (Cyber Essentials) to distinguish it from potential future assured Cyber Advisors who will support small organizations in other areas of cybersecurity.

The adoption of the Cyber Essentials standard stems from the NCSC's recognition of its effectiveness as a fundamental baseline for defending against various commonly encountered cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks.

Cyber Advisors (Cyber Essentials) are well-equipped to help organizations evaluate the disparity between their existing cybersecurity posture and the level achieved by implementing the Cyber Essentials technical controls. This service is tailored specifically for small and medium-sized organisations, and the Advisors have undergone assessments not only to validate their technical expertise but also to ensure their ability to work effectively with small organizations. Fortis Cyber being awarded Cyber Advisor (Cyber Essentials) status means that they have been recognized as a trusted provider of Cyber Essentials consultancy and support. This designation indicates that Fortis Cyber has met the requirements set by the NCSC and IASME and can offer expert advice and guidance regarding Cyber Essentials.

By choosing Fortis Cyber as your provider, you can have confidence that you are in good hands and can expect knowledgeable and reliable assistance in implementing and maintaining Cyber Essentials practices. It's always important to work with reputable and accredited organisations when it comes to cybersecurity, and Fortis Cyber's Cyber Advisor status demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality services in this field.

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