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Are You Ready?

Earlier this week (March 2023) Matt our MD was invited along to an event hosted by Red Helix to talk about how to prepare your staff for a cyber attack.

For many organisations it is a case of "when" and not "if", although not all attacks of course are catastrophic. Some however, will leave organisations unable to function as normal, with the worry of bad press and ultimately a loss of revenue. Preparation will equip staff with the confidence and skills to act fast and effectively.

Having robust incident response policies and procedures in place will serve to save you:

⏰ time - the faster you respond and react the quicker the effects can be minimised and normal business can resume

💷 money - minimising damage and disruption to daily business

🌟 loss of reputation - quick robust action will help to maintain client/stakeholder trust

Helping organisations to prepare their team to be ready and confident to deal with cyber attacks is our bread and butter. It does not have to be massively expensive or complicated. Are you ready?

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